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Disposal of Firearms on Death of Registered Owner

Where a person who is the registered proprietor of a firearm passes away then the onus falls on the Executor of their estate to ensure that the firearms are properly dealt with.

 The responsibilities of the Executor are:-

  • To advise the Firearms Registry of the death of the person who owned the firearms and such notification must be given to the Firearms Registry as soon as possible.
  • The executor is not authorised to use the firearms whilst they are in the executors possession and must not hold them for more than 6 months after the death of the registered owner.
  • The executor is obliged to comply with all the normal requirements relating to the safe keeping of firearms during the said 6 month period.
  • During the said 6 month period the executor either has to arrange for the firearms to be disposed of  by way of sale or to someone who holds a firearms licence or alternatively the executor has to make arrangements to obtain a firearms licence themselves should the executor wish to hold the firearms themselves for longer than 6 months.

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