The Law Society of NSW Specialist Accredititation 


Employment law  is complex and your rights and obligations may vary significantly depending  upon:-

  • The type of employment (eg casual or permanent).
  • The  amount of remuneration.
  • The processes followed by the employer (eg are  reviews carried out and are warnings  and an opportunity to improve provided).
  • The size of the employer (eg does the employer have more than 15 employees).
  • What contractual rights have been created between the employee and the employer and/or whether an Award applies.
  • Whether there is or has been any discriminatory or illegal conduct by the employee  or the employer.

We are able to assist with:-

  • General Human Resources issues including complaints by employees or against  or between employees;
  • Your obligations  and rights in relation to Termination of Employment;
  • Rights to Redundancy and Leave payments (including maternity leave and rights to return to work);
  • Human Resource procedures, including how to deal with allegations of fraud or illegal behaviours by employees or employers.